Open Source Solar Energy Farming

‚Äča non-profit organization

Vision Statement for Solar Farming Communities

Our Central focus is on people living, breathing, thriving in communities, where each community is ideally separately sustainable. The vision is then one that sees decentralization particularly in the realm of energy capture and distribution. The primary focus of a Solar Farm Community is the generation of energy by solar capture of some sort: seen in the direct rays of the sun and in the sound of the wind and in the waves of the sea. As in conventional farming where the aim is to grow surplus and take it to market so also do we see our Solar Farming Communities. We want to show others and hear from others about how to store energy and take it to market to market...home again, home again.

The vision is regional, namely beginning today as the sun comes up in New Mexico, and ultimately hearing that Solar Farm Communities are spreading like wildfire across the region and globe in suitable solar collection areas.  Practically, a single Solar Farm Community is OSSEF's starting push, finding root in the solar soil of New Mexico.  The foundation of a Solar Farm Community does not exclude it from finding itself initially embedded in a larger conventional community.  In our view your neighbors may join you soon in our pioneering effort when they see your satisfied smiles as the rays come in.

Our belief is that neither government nor big industry alone are capable of timely or adequate responses to the critical energy needs of the world. Our call then is to you, the individual, to rise up today while the sun shines and open your hands to our future.  This is a call to you to participate according to your means and aspirations.  We are pursuing our vision via an Open Source model, one that we have seen work in other disciplines.   

We recognize the land as an essential ingredient and an anchor to our vision and issue a clarion call for those who are prepared to invest by putting suitable land into trust for this project.  We see local and regional government allowing their buildings and land to be used as well.  

We, the people, are hereby invited to participate .  Become an Ossef-er as the sun rises.  Join your spirit to ours.  We want you.